Hands-Free Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology brings additional functionality to any car audio system. Media streaming, voice recognition, hands-free media track navigation, and making or receiving calls all without lifting a finger. Streaming from multiple devices from the vehicle is even possible. Our Bluetooth solutions allow you to lose the wires and keep your hands on the wheel.

Even if you choose to keep your current in-dash head unit, we offer stand-alone Bluetooth solutions that can be integrated with your current equipment to bring you the same benefits. Controlling your audio system and mobile devices has never been more convenient. Our professional installation technicians can also mount your device and install charging stations so you don't have to worry about battery life and your device is secure and safe. Enjoy all the perks of functionality, connectivity, and your device's capabilities by adding Bluetooth today.

Audio Streaming

Another awesome benefit of integrating your mobile devices into your vehicle is audio streaming. That's right, you get the ability to stream your personal media collection or popular apps such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more! you can even stream from multiple devices in the vehicle. Say goodbye to bulky CD carriers and changers.

Even if voice control is not your preferred method, if your vehicle has them we can use your factory controls on the steering wheel and integrate them so you can control your media right from your steering wheel.

Integrated Head Units

We carry a wide range of performance aftermarket head units that come packed with features. From a standard Bluetooth Audio/Phone connection to the all new Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, these are the solutions you need to stay connected in your vehicle.

Also, select units you can connect your HDMI compatible device directly into the unit so you can play your favorite media on a gorgeous in dash screen & even send that image to a rear monitor for rear seat entertainment!

Apple iPhone Integration

Most newer aftermarket head units come with Apple product integration for iPod, iPad, and iPhone control. Combined with Siri Eyes Free and Bluetooth you can experience hands-free control over your mobile devices. With Apple's CarPlay iOS integration feature, the iPhone can project onto the dash unit display for phone functions, messages, music, and even navigation.

Similar to Apple's integration, most of our advanced head units also allow for Android integration. This is accomplished with Bluetooth and Android Voice Command.

Apple and Android vehicle integration adds unparalleled convenience to your everyday travels. GPS, Drive EQ, screen mirroring, media streaming, and hands-free control all help you stay connected on the go. A breakthrough technology utilizing HDMI and SPP (Serial Port Profile) allows your device to be controlled seamlessly. The device is charged via USB port, and the universal MHL adapter is charged by the HDMI port so you're always charged and ready to go.

Google Android Integration

Android Voice Control and Bluetooth put your lips in charge with hands-free control with most of our newer aftermarket units. With these select units you can utilize the screen display on the dash to control media, phone functions, music navigation, and messaging. Just speak and it does, allowing you more focus on the road and added convenience whenever you travel.

Additionally, Android connectivity can be taken one step further with HDMI and SPP (Serial Port Profile) along with Bluetooth. Stay juiced up and ready to go because the device can be charged using the USB port and the universal MHL adapter is charged via HDMI connection.

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