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Be a safer driver with a rear-view (back up) camera

Updated: Jul 7

Adding a rear-view camera to your vehicle is a fantastic way to increase driver visibility and improve vehicle safety. According to NHTSA, every year, over 180 fatalities are attributed to back-over accidents. On top of that, each year there are approximately 7,000 injuries that occur from back-over related crashes.

Although the federal government has mandated that all new vehicles manufactured after May 1st, 2018 be equipped with a rear-view camera as standard safety equipment, there are millions of vehicles on the road that were built prior to this. Many of them lack this standard safety feature. If you drive one of those vehicles, you may be wondering if it’s possible to add a rear-view camera to your car.

How to add a Rear-View Camera

Adding a rear-view camera to your vehicle can improve driver visibility and vehicle safety. One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to do this involves replacing your rear-view mirror. Quality aftermarket rear-view mirrors are available with an embedded rear-view camera monitor. This monitor is typically 4.3” wide diagonally and encompasses about ½ the size of the mirror. It is automatically activated when your vehicle is shifted into reverse. An accompanying back-up camera is installed and wired to the monitor to provide you with a clear view of what is directly behind your vehicle.

Alternatively, you may also be able to add a rear-view camera to your vehicle using an aftermarket car stereo. If your current car stereo is lacking in modern features like Bluetooth, updating it to one that supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in addition to adding a reverse camera may be the best option for you.

Retrofit a Rear-View Camera to your Infotainment Monitor

Looking for a solution that looks more like original manufacturer equipment? Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, it may be possible to retrofit a back-up camera to your vehicle’s native infotainment display. Specialty manufacturers such as PAC Audio, NAV-TV and ZZ-2 produce vehicle specific interfaces with quality T-harness style connections designed to integrate an aftermarket back-up camera to your vehicle infotainment display. These interfaces allow a technician to add a rear-view camera that looks and functions exactly like original manufacturer equipment. Some of these interfaces also include an additional video input for a forward-facing front park assist camera.

Cost to add Rear-View Camera

The cost to add a rear-view camera varies widely depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. To understand what options are available for your vehicle, reach out to a specialist in your area. Contact Absolute Electronix today to find out what it takes to add a rear-view camera to your vehicle. We are the local driver safety experts in Rockville, MD!

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