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How to Add Heated Seats to your Vehicle

Updated: Jul 7

Add Heated Seats

There is nothing worse than getting into a cold vehicle on an icy winter morning in Rockville, MD. Even if you pre-warm your car, there may be some wicked winter days when you just can’t get warm enough. Perhaps you suffer from arthritis or stiffness. These ailments can become even further aggravated from extended periods of driving but can often be soothed with gentle heat. If this is something, you can relate to you may want to add heated seats to your vehicle.

For most vehicles, heated seats are available as an option from the factory, but they are typically only available as part of a larger luxury upgrade package. Depending on the auto manufacturer, the heated seats option may also come with additional vehicle features you don’t want or need such as a sunroof, premium leather, blind spot detection or the premium stereo. It’s common for this one option to add as much as $5,000 to the total vehicle cost simply because it’s only offered as part of a larger upgrade package. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer in the cold just because you passed on the luxury package for your vehicle.

Aftermarket Heated Seats for Cloth or Leather

Did you know that heated seats can be retrofitted to vehicles equipped with cloth seats? There is a common misconception that heated seats can only be added to vehicles equipped with leather seating. This is probably because most vehicles that come equipped with heated seats also include additional luxury options like premium leather seating. Whether your vehicle has cloth or leather seats, quality heated seats can be added to nearly any vehicle using a deluxe aftermarket heated seat kit.

How to Add Heated Seats to your Vehicle

Using a super thin carbon fiber heating element, qualified technicians at Absolute Electronix can skillfully add heated seats to your vehicle. In addition to the heating element, standard aftermarket heated seat kits include a discreet, latching 3 position switch featuring Low, High and Off settings. With state-of-the-art technology, the carbon fiber heating element is designed to heat up fast, but never exceed unsafe temperature levels.

When shopping for aftermarket heated seats, it’s important to look for ones that are FMVSS compliant which means they meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for burn resistance requirements for materials used in the vehicle occupant cabin.

To add heated seats to your vehicle, you will need the assistance of a professional installer. like the experts at Absolute Electronix. Contact us today at 240-654-1283 for a free heated seat quote before the cold weather shows up.

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