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Remote Start for Manual Transmission

Updated: Jul 7

Remote start is a popular and sought-after feature available for both new and older vehicles and it’s easy to understand why. No one likes to run outside in the cold and snow to start up their car. It’s much more convenient to press a button on your key fob to remotely start and pre-warm your vehicle. Most assume remote start is only available for automatic vehicles, but the reality is you can get a remote start for manual transmission.

How to Remote Start a Manual Transmission

The trick to installing a remote starter in a manual transmission is to use a remote starter designed for manual transmission. Premium remote start manufacturers such as Compustar, Viper and Fortin all offer remote starters that are safe for manual. So how does it work? How can you safely remote start a manual transmission?

It’s all About the Exit Routine

These manual transmission safe remote starters are designed to monitor certain variables such as door status, e-brake status and brake status. The trick to using a remote starter in a manual transmission is learning the exit routine and how to properly “set” the remote start.

With a regular automatic transmission, your vehicle must be in park to remote start. With manual transmission, your vehicle needs to be neutral with the e-brake engaged. Additionally, users must learn the proper exit routine to activate their remote start for manual transmission.

Prior to turning off and exiting the vehicle, users must:

· Put their foot on the brake

· Set the e-brake

· Release the foot brake

Now the driver can turn their ignition switch off and remove their key. Here’s the tricky part. At this stage, the vehicle will remain running – until – you completely exit the vehicle and shut the door. Once you exit and shut the driver’s door, all the doors will lock, and the engine will turn off. The exit routine is now complete, and the vehicle is now safe to remote start.

Truth be told, this can sound more complicated than it really is. These are all the same steps a driver would go through when turning off a manual transmission vehicle. The only difference is the vehicle doesn’t turn off until after you’ve exited and shut the driver’s door. This exit routine forces users to leave the vehicle in neutral with the e-brake properly set. If left in gear, the car would turn off when the ignition is switched off and the remote start would fail to activate.

Adding a remote start for manual transmission is possible using the right parts along with a professional and proper installation. Contact Absolute Electronix today and find out all of the remote starter options we have and let's keep your vehicle warm this winter.

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