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The Benefits of a Professional Dash Camera

Updated: Jul 7

Dash Camera Installation

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a dash camera for your vehicle. After a simple and quick do, it yourself installation you can now drive with peace of mind knowing it will be there for you in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident. Who knows? Instead of an accident, your dash camera will record the next viral video that makes it on the evening news.

With your dash camera mounted and connected to your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet, you may be wondering if it’s worth investing in a professional dash camera installation. If you want to take advantage of your dash camera’s “Park Mode” function, and you’d prefer not to see wires strewn across your vehicle, a professional dash camera installation is highly recommended.

The Benefits of a Professional Dash Camera Installation – Understanding Park Mode

When a skilled technician like Absolute Electronix professionally installs a dash camera, they route all cabling neatly discreetly along factory channeling. This creates an exceptionally clean appearance - you won’t see any wires hanging down along your dash or center console. The other added benefit of a professional dash camera installation is the ability to take advantage of your camera’s Park Mode function.

Park Mode is a popular feature among dash cameras. It enables the dash cam to wake up and record incidents such as hit-and-runs or acts of vandalism even if these events occur while the vehicle is parked with the ignition is off. For this feature to function, most dash cameras require a special Park Mode adapter. The Park Mode adapter lets your camera stay on in standby mode even when you turn your car off. At the same time, it monitors your vehicle’s battery voltage. In the event your vehicle battery drops below 12.5 volts, the dash camera will turn itself off completely to prevent a vehicle battery drain.

Adding a Battery for Park Mode

For consistent Park Mode recording, a skilled technician can install a dedicated battery. As you drive, the dash cam battery is charged up. When you turn your car off, your dash camera automatically switches power to the dedicated battery for Park Mode functionality. When professionally installed, the discreetly mounted battery can provide up to 24 hours of power for Park Mode recording events.

Have your Dash Camera Installed by Absolute Electronix

It’s indisputable - dash cameras can and often do record invaluable footage. Drivers seeking to add an additional layer of safety choose a professional dash camera installation to protect themselves. Not only can a dash camera provide you peace of mind while you drive, in many cases it can also lower your insurance rate. To get the most out of your dash camera, have it professionally installed by our team of mobile electronics experts in Rockville, MD. Have questions about dash cams? Give our experts a call today!

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