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The difference between a 1-way and 2-way security system.

Difference between a 1-way and 2-way car alarm

Car security is of concern and for a long time now, there have been innovative security systems that were meant to keep cars safe. The security of your car is aimed at keeping unnecessary situations such as theft of belongings in the car or the car itself from being stolen. When your car is safe, you can go about your business freely without having to worry that you may find something or the car itself missing. Car security has improved with time and the ideas to keep car theft criminals away have been several. To enhance this, remote controls were invented so that you can easily shut your car doors electrically.

Among the most common car security systems, is the one-way and two-way car security systems. These systems utilize wireless digital communication to the car for enhanced security. This has so far enhanced car security and efficiency because, with both, you can execute some control on your car without you being in contact with the car. The one-way and two security systems operate under the same concept but they are differentiated by the extent of digital communication made between them when they are activated. Here is the difference between one-way and two-way security systems.

One way security system communication

This security system has been the most common for the past few years and it is the most popular among many people in different parts of the world. The one-way security system has been there for as long as remote controls have been in existence. As the name suggests, the one-way security system applies a security communication pattern that is between the remote control and your car’s security system. The communication is from the remote control to the car hence making it a one-way communication. When you push a button on the remote control, a signal is sent to your vehicle with the relevant instruction. The instruction could be to lock or open the doors, open the truck, and arm or disarm itself.

The two-way security communication system

The two-way security system is an advancement of the one-way communication system. The upgrades made on this security system are awesome. As its name suggests, the two-way security system involves your car in active communication. As opposed to the one-way communication system whereby you give instruction and the car and you don’t get a response back to the remote control, here you get it. The difference between the one-way communication system and the two-way communication system is that it is the way of communication. In the two-way security system, your car can communicate back to you via the remote. That is to mean that in case you are in a restaurant and your car door is opened, your car informs you immediately and so you can run outside to check and therefore avert a disaster.

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