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Upgrade a Stock Stereo with the experts from Absolute Electronix.

Updated: Jul 7

Is your car stereo leaving you wanting more? When your favorite song plays, do you want to crank it up, but you can’t? Either because it just sounds terrible or simply because it just doesn’t play loud enough? If your car stereo system disappoints you, it may be time to consider an upgrade. There are several ways to upgrade a stock stereo. Depending on the nature of your car audio woes, you may want to consider all or just some of the upgrade options available.

Where to Start?

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a stock stereo is to add what’s missing. Even if you installed the highest quality speakers available for your vehicle, you would still be missing some bass. We are capable of hearing frequencies as low as 20 Hz. However, most car audio speakers can only effectively play down to about 70 or 80 Hz. Even then – it’s usually not at a high enough output for us to genuinely appreciate it. When you factor in road and tire noise, which typically drones in the 40 – 60 Hz range, it’s no wonder why most car stereos are lacking bass. Adding a subwoofer is an effortless way to upgrade a stock stereo by adding in the frequency range that is naturally missing. When properly executed, the result is music that sounds fuller, deeper, and livelier.

Upgrading Speakers

Another effortless way to upgrade a stock stereo and improve sound quality is to install higher quality after-market speakers. Most car radios are lacking in amplification power, so the trick is to upgrade using speakers that are highly efficient and don’t require a lot of power to perform. At the same time, adding sound dampening materials like Dynamat can vastly improve overall speaker performance. Dynamat can reduce things like rattles and reverberations while also improving mid bass response. These vehicle sound dampening materials allow you to hear more of your music and less outside road noise.

Digital Sound Processors

If you’re looking for the total package: improved sound quality, detail, clarity and bass response while also increasing overall volume, you should consider using a Digital Sound Processor. Quality DSP’s, such as the JL Audio Fix-86, can clean up and correct the sound quality from your factory radio. The DSP converts the audio signal from your stock stereo into a clean, flat, RCA pre-amp signal designed for use with aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. The combination of premium aftermarket speakers, amplifier, subwoofer, sound dampening and DSP installed by a skilled technician is a force to be reckoned with. The end result is an upgraded stock stereo that looks entirely original in fit and finish yet provides concert level audio performance.

The options to upgrade a stock stereo range from mild to wild. To learn more about what options are right for you, contact a mobile electronics specialist from Absolute Electronix today for a free quote.

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