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What benefits does CarPlay offer in an aftermarket radio?

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Maybe you already know that car play is an apple feature that enables you to control your IOS device via your car radio or head unit. This feature is available in all iPhone mobile phones ranging from the iPhone 5 to iPhone 7.1 and thereafter. Car play makes it easy for you to navigate through your iPhone because your dashboard becomes your display.

An aftermarket radio on the other side is an upgrade of your car radio system whereby your car gets a radio that is better in functionality and performance as compared to the original radio made by the manufacturer. There are several advantages that CarPlay offers to your radio and they are as follows.

Better navigation

Since the main purpose of the CarPlay feature is to link your iPhone to your car radio head, the enhanced display makes your aftermarket radio access your iOS for enhanced quality. That means that you can easily navigate through your iPhone via your aftermarket radio. Now you can use your aftermarket radio to navigate all the music that you would like to listen to and even access the internet and get access to the music that you would like to play. With this feature, you don’t have to go through your phone as your drive but rather you navigate through your iPhone easily through your aftermarket radio.

Easier access to the internet

There are times when you would like to access the internet when you are in your car probably to search for music or even to view something when you are not driving. Car play offers you the opportunity to view that at a bigger platform as compared to your IOS. When you are not driving but you are in the car, you can easily watch everything via your aftermarket radio in a more comfortable way as when compared to watching it through your mobile phone.

Improved convenience

In addition to the already discussed benefits, CarPlay offers you the opportunity to increase this convenience further, whereby you can use it to access features such as GPRS messages, and telephone more conveniently. With CarPlay, the accessibility of your car interface makes it easier for you to navigate through your iPhone more conveniently just as have you always wanted.

CarPlay is an awesome feature that makes your car head connect to your iPhone, this access makes you access the luxury of iPhone via your aftermarket radio. As a result, you get all your iPhone services conveniently and on a bigger platform

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