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What to look for in Marine audio speakers for your ATV, bike or boat. We have a huge selection!

Updated: Jul 7

Marine Audio Speakers what to look for
Enjoy better music on the boat!

Superior quality sound is an important aspect for marine vessels and whatever marine vessel you could be using, the fact is that a good sound system plays a vital role. However, to ensure that you have things right whenever you intend to improve the sound system of your marine vessel, you need to know some simple facts that are important. Here is what you need to look for in marine speakers before you buy them.

Important aspects to look for in marine speakers

The most crucial factor to consider when you want to buy marine audio speakers is whether the speakers are compatible with your amplifiers. You need to understand how your amplifier operates so that it will be compatible with the speakers you buy. Take keen consideration of the impedance of your amplifiers so that the speakers you buy will have the same impedance. Failure to check the impedance will result in a loss of money when you later realize that you bought speakers that cannot work with your amplifiers.

Size is another obvious factor that you need to consider when choosing marine audio speakers. Make sure that the marine speakers you buy can fit perfectly into the spaces where the previous speakers were installed. Unless you want to modify your marine vessel, then you need to make sure that you have the correct measurements so that you don’t buy smaller or bigger speakers than the available space can hold.

After you consider compatibility, you also need to look at what you want in terms of music quality. Some people desire the two-way standard system with a woofer and tweeter. On the other hand, some people will prefer a subwoofer setup, but all this will be determined by the amplification of your sound system. Buy speakers that are within the sound quality of your vessel so that there will be balance. If yours is a two or three-way system, make sure that the speakers you buy are in line with it.

The last and most important aspect is quality. Some speakers could meet all the above requirements but lack in quality. You don’t want to go back shopping for speakers after a few years of using them. The marine speakers you buy should be built to be strong and with durable components that last. For undisputed quality of marine speakers, it is recommended that you go for speakers made by reputed manufactures and these speakers include, Pioneer, JL Audio, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, JVC.

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